Our projects

Our projects

Maendeleo has 4 project in Utengule/Usangu in Tanzania. The biggest and the most important is a project which is called Support of farming. This project runs from 2011. We work in this project with self-help groups. We also use the concept of self-helps groups in our other projects – Microloans forEntrepreneurs and Grant Competition. Our last project is called Library in Mahango.

Basic information about Support of Farming Project

This project combines education (in the field of farming) and agriculture microloans. The aim of the project is to spread effective methods for rice cultivation and empower their position in the market.

Farmers are in self-helps group. One group has 8 members. During the dry season farmers work together, they e. g. make bricks or collect wood. The training seminars and education start before rainy season. Then the groups can apply for microloans.

Microloan for business

Trustworthy self-helps group can apply for another microloan which they can use in the different field of business. The microloan must be used for investment and bring long-term earnings.Total budget of this project is approximately 15 000 CZK. The committee of local supervisors choose the best projects.

Grant competition

Self-help groups or individuals have possibility to get a financial support for beneficial activities in their community. It could be a charity or project for any kind of business which would be useful and beneficial. Projects are chosen by our Tanzanian volunteers. The aim of this project is to support activity and creativity of local residents. Total budget of grant competition is 12 000 CZK.

Library in Mahango

Project Library in Mahango is trying to be as sustainalble as possible. The library is located in a house of one of the farmers involved in Maedeleo projects. Locals can borrow one out of more than 30 books for a small charge (200 TZS). Money are used as a salary for librarian and for a library fund which will be used for buying more books in the future. All books are educational  and written in swahili language

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