Our philosophy

We are helping where it is needed

The United Nations classifies Tanzania as the least developed country (LDCs). The most of the poor people are concentrated in villages in the inland. Maendeleo is helping poor farmers that are in need.

We are helping small scale farmers…

…and we are proud of that! Small scale farmers are the key to solve the problem of hunger and poverty. They form the majority of population in developing countries. And moreover, they are very hardworking. The importance of small scale farmers is emphasized for example in article of Borgen Project.

We believe in people that we work with

People from Usangu are poor, but they are not incompetent and powerless. They do not need gifts from Europe. They just need opportunity to show what they are good at. Volunteers in Maendeleo believe, that providing opportunities is key for brighter future for farmers.

Actions speak louder than words

We believe that honest, hardworking and active people deserve our help. Maendeleo helps farmers regardless their religion or tribal affiliation.

Our aim is to help, not borow money

One of the tools we use to help farmers are microloans. But we are not microfinancial institution or bank. We are non profit organisation by all means. All the conditions of microloans are set to really help poor villagers. People are always the most importnant for us.  Since 2011 we helped more than 100 of them.

We believe in long term and conceptual work

Support of farmers is not possible to achieve by sudden actions. The work needs to be long term and conceptual. We know, that we cannot stay in the area forever. That is the reason why more responsibilities are slowly given to tanzanian volunteers and succesful farmers. People in Maendeleo do not lose motivation and they keep working hard. 

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